Pilates helps soothe and create stronger and better pathways in the brain.

1. Pilates is an intense, controlled and concentrated way of doing exercises in which the person is fully engaged with mind and body.

2. As per Joseph Pilates, what Contrology does is reawaken ordinarily dormant muscles cells, thereby reawakening thousands of dormant brain cells, thus activating new areas and stimulating the functioning of the mind. This explains why people describe a sensation of “uplift” after a Pilates class

3. Pilates allows us to control and shape how our body behaves and accepts that exercise. If we perform the exercise properly with control, attention and concentration, we are training the brain in the same way as we train our muscles. We grow the attention center which helps to anchor ourselves with our body, in the present, stopping the negative self-talk loop and strengthening the nervous system to handle stress.

4. Pilates is a strong tool to control the mind and a way to fight against depression. It requires a lot of focus and helps to restore the feeling of being in control of your life again.